To set up an agreement/contract with an already established school system or orphanage.

This must be a Seventh-day Adventist organization that is either under the General Conference, Union, or Conference umbrella. If the organization is not under this umbrella but can prove they are under the "blessing" of the above said, the Board of Directors will review information submitted for their approval.

In either case, the person in charge of the school/orphanage must submit three (3) letters of reference attesting to his/her excellent Christian character, and fiscal ability. At least two of these letters of recommendation must be from ex-patriots, preferably connected to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

To sponsor, as the name of the organization implies, children from preschool to Grade eight completion (Provisions can be made if you wish to sponsor your child through to high school graduation, but the sponsorship fee may be higher as tuition costs are higher for some high school courses).

To provide Christian education to each CHER sponsored child.

To provide school clothes (uniforms) and school supplies to each CHER sponsored child.

To provide basic medical care when needed to each CHER sponsored child.

To provide one nutritious meal per day (day school), or three nutritious meals per day (orphanage) to each CHER sponsored child.

To endeavor to provide equal opportunity to both boys and girls, sponsoring 50% girls and 50% boys at each school/orphanage unless the project is a specialized program.

Mission Statement

CHER International Canada is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization incorporating a tri-level aim and purpose; to aid in the relief of poverty, to help in the advancement of education, and to bring basic medical assistance where and when possible, to and for children in Third World countries.

CHER carries out these goals through the generous assistance of persons who act as sponsors to individual children in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, India, Malawi, Mexico, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. No child is or will be denied assistance because of religion, creed, caste, colour, race, sex or nationality. Each individual child is given a sponsor. Through the sponsorship funds - food, clothing, tuition, school supplies and in countries where economically possible, basic medical attention is supplied.

CHER is operated by a Board of Directors who serve voluntarily and receive no remuneration for their services, and through the utilization of one employee. The children who are chosen for assistance in the foreign jurisdictions are chosen in consultation with the applicable schools and in consultation with the CHER volunteer in the area in question who also receives no remuneration for their services.