CHER Canada began in 1991 out of a vision to minister to needy children around the world through a Canadian operated charitable organization and specifically provide them with an Adventist education.

Initially CHER had approximately 45 sponsors and children and as of June 2006, now has over 500 children receiving education, food, and medical care in 6 different countries throughout the world.

The Executive Director is CHER's only paid employee. The 7 members of the Board are volunteers from around Ontario and are dedicated members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church family. The Board of Directors meets regularly to oversee the operations of the organization as well as to provide vision, insight and ideas for growth and improvement.

Over the past 25 years, CHER has helped thousands of children receive an education. Many have graduated from high school and have been able to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for many generations. More importantly, many children have accepted and received Jesus Christ in their hearts as a result of being part of our world-wide school system.

We look forward to seeing our numbers grow in the coming years and know that we are bringing hope and light to many helpless children.